• Registration fees are determined by the College Council on the recommendation of the CME Director and Director of Baheth College against the benchmark of other institutions


  • It is the policy for the attendees supporting the activity.
    Amount /SR Specialty
    Non physicians
    • The payment process is separate from the registration and attendee may register in advance of payment. They are based on prior and anticipated expenses and an estimate of 10-30 SR per credit hour. Average fee (8 Hrs. /1 day event):
    • Pre-registration is encouraged for all events.
    • Applicable registration fees should be paid at least 1 day before the event to reserve his/her place.
    • If on-site payment is chosen confirmation for attendance by email or phone should be done.
    • 4.5 Canceled or postponed events will be announced on the website as quickly as possible, and all registrants will be notified of the changes provided they have included their email or phone number in the online registration form.
    • Events with Limited Places:
      • Registration will close when the event fills to capacity.
      • Unpaid pre-registration for these events will be held until the scheduled event start time. After that time, registrants on waiting list will be given available seats.
      • On–site registration for these events is on “first come, first served” basis and is subject to space availability.


  • Attendees of CME activities must register and pay for each activity with the following exceptions
    • Activities outside of the Annual Meeting.
  • Registration fees are waived for directors and/or presenters.
  • Registration fees are waived for all invited lecturers and/or speakers.
  • Registration fees are waived for all CME members.
  • All other attendees must register and pay.
  • Attendees can pay either on line or on site.


  • A user must link at the college website:
  • Inside the college website, Click on Event.
  • Inside the event, click on Current Event.
  • Click on the link to registration form.
  • Download the registration form
  • Fill the complete registration form and send it to email: CME@machs.edu.sa
  • You can send the fees of activity directly to following bank account:
  • Bank Account : 013284428010
    IBAN #: SA2150000000013284428010 (Saudi Hollandi Bank)
  • Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.
  • You can scan your payment receipt and send it to email: CME@machs.edu.sa


  • Refund Policy:
    • Registration cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing and sent via email to CME@machs.edu.sa
    • Registration fees are refundable up to two days prior to the event after which no refunds will be granted.
  • Registrants who paid for a postponed or canceled event can either:
  • Cancel their registration and receive a full refund of the registration fee.


  • Apply their registration payment to another event, or
  • Attend the event if it is rescheduled
  • Attendees can register directly at the campus of Al Mana College of Health Sciences, Dammam, on the first day of Activity.
  • Mode of payment will be cash only.


  • CME Registration Form