Foundation Year Department (FYD) Study System

  • The study is divided into two semesters. However, the study can be extended into one more semester or summer to give students who have not passed some of the courses a chance to retake the courses and meet the passing requirement for registration into one of the undergraduate programs at the college.

  • All courses offered in the preparatory program are semester-based, and decisions of these courses will be on the semester system.


Foundation English Program (FEP)

  • Foundation English Program is an entity of Foundation Year Department that focuses on developing students’ English language proficiency, and equipping them with personal and communication skills and learning strategies needed for effective college, independent and lifelong learning.

  • Students receive sixteen hours of intensive English instruction plus two hours of learning skills or communication skills per week in each level. New students are placed in two levels: beginner or intermediate based on Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, English Placement Test (CaMLA EPT) that is aligned with the levels of Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).


Program Goals and Objectives

Our program aims at coaching the person to equip our students not only with academic knowledge within their chosen field of study, but also with a broader set of skills and abilities.

Thus, this program has several goals and objectives, and we encourage our students to reach these goals as quickly as possible.

  • To deepen the students’ knowledge of basic science, and computer science through the medium of English.
  • To enhance the students’ language proficiency with emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for effective studies in their majors.
  • To develop communication and learning skills needed for effective college, independent and lifelong learning.
  • To instill the principles of discipline, commitment and sense of responsibility.
  • To strengthen students’ leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, self-confidence and self-initiation skills.


Language of Instruction

  • English is the language of instruction in all courses except those devoted to the study of Islamic courses.