• The members of the Student College Council are the elected presidents of SDCs.
  • The president and other positions of SCC are selected via random ballot, or lottery voting.
  • The entire process of election is supervised by the Student College Council.


The responsibilities of Student College Council (SCC) :

  • Represent the students in the College Council.
  • Promote students’ interest.
  • Inform students about any subject that concerns them.
  • Consult students on any important issue.
  • Organize financial campaigns for campus and charitable activities.
  • Organize educational and recreational activities for students.
  • Participate in developing the college educational projects.
  • Organize an activity to recognize the efforts of students involved in organizing college activities.



The president of Student College Council (SCC) :

  • Represent officially the Student College Council (SCC) in MACHS College Council.
  • Call meetings of the council whenever necessary, and prepare the agenda.
  • Chair the meetings of the council.
  • Supervise the tasks of the council members.
  • Take part in all sub- committees formed by the council.
  • Represent the students on official occasions.

Vice President

The vice president of Student College Council (SCC) :

  • Preside over meetings of the council in the absence of the president.
  • Advise and assist the President.
  • Coordinate the work of non-elected volunteering students involved in the organization of MACHS activities: newspaper committee, clubs, etc.
  • Replace the president when he or she cannot be present.


The secretary of Student College Council (SCC) :

  • Shall keep the minutes of the council.
  • Take charge of all correspondence.
  • Send copies of all minutes to the Office of the Student Affairs center.
  • Advertise upcoming events and activities to the student body.


The treasurer of Student College Council (SCC) :

  • Submit an annual budget for the coming year by the end of June of each year.
  • Keep accounts up to date.
  • Make purchases.
  • Provide full information about the council’s finances whenever the council wishes to see.


Money shall be withdrawn from the council account by voucher to be signed by the president and treasurer. All expenditures from the council account shall be in accordance with the approved budget