Based on MACHS vision towards advancing the educational process of various disciplines in health education, the college has undertaken the utmost responsibility for caring for the students in their diverse aspects:

  • scientifically, intellectually, socially and psychologically. In fact, the post-secondary stage represents a significant challenge to this generation.
  • It becomes a stage where social experiences, scientific and knowledge thinking are formulated. This stage, thus, helps to pave the students’ path towards their future.
  • In fact, this stage is different in being characterized by monetary, social and psychological pressures which may hamper the students’ efforts and sometimes compel them to abandon their educational path altogether if they fail to find the adequate support or become unable to overcome the obstacles that face them. Considering the fact that working in the health field requires psychological and intellectual stability, the college focused on establishing a specialized psychosocial counseling service and considers it a top priority.
  • This unit will focus on abilities and skills development, prove capabilities as well as creative and intellectual skills with special respect to the academic, psychological and educational areas, and personality development.
  • Psychosocial counseling plays a supportive and pivotal role in student’s life. It helps him/her to adapt to college’s life, refines his/her personality, invests his/her abilities and develops his/her creative and innovative capabilities.
  • This unit aspires to establish an educational and learning environment which can contribute in forming a balanced personality for the students, preserves their identities, sense of belonging and maintain their culture. It also seeks to manipulate the students’ abilities within specialized programs which would protect them from problems they may face in their scientific and practical lives. The unit also focuses on sharpening the students’ energies, developing their talents within the specialized activities related to this context.
  • The psychosocial counseling unit will be also responsible for encouraging dialogue, competition and innovation. It is also interested in creating the social, psychological and academic environment for the students, thus they become the main priority of the unit which strives to fulfill their intellectual needs, helps them to overcome the obstacles and elevate their ambition to ensure a better future as well and develop the ability to face all challenges with great determination. Thus, the unit mission revolves around granting the counseling service to all the students as an essential part in the educational process which ensures the students’ ability of coping and urges them to develop their abilities to overcome the obstacles which hinder their future process.