• The unit will be qualitative in nature providing diverse counseling services to students which would empower them to become leaders in the society.


  • The psychosocial counseling unit seeks to provide the students with services suitable to their needs according to the comprehensive quality standards, creating an intellectual and behavioral difference in accordance with the challenges of our current time. It focuses on planning strategies and programs which support the students, develop their abilities and skills to overcome difficulties and attain success both in practical and scientific field.


The objectives of psychosocial counseling unit:

  1. Helps students to achieve a psychological, social & Academic Adjustment.
  2. Discovers reasons behind the students’ failure in an attempt to reduce it.
  3. Reinforces a culture of dialogue, respect, listening, organization of time and social etiquette.
  4. Proposes solutions for psychological and social problems which face students throughout their studies.
  5. Reduces students’ absenteeism, anxiety & solve problems in creative ways.
  6. Contributes in creating a positive change in the behavior of the students.
  7. Organizes activities/workshops to educate students about what they concerned.
  8. Hosts successful figures and exposes students to their experience.
  9. Communicates with student counseling units in other colleges and universities.