• Definition of confidentiality: “Something which is spoken or given in confidence, private, entrusted with another`s secret affairs”.
  • Confidentiality is our main product. Students have access to caring listeners and good advice in the support system. Students come to the counseling and advising center to deal with matters in a secure, confidential environment. Protecting the confidential nature of our setting and our services is a top priority.

Area Of Confidentiality

Confidential communications include conversations, correspondence, forms, reports and computer generated communications with, about or involving in any way any student. We believe that:

  • It is an essential part of the psychosocial counseling that trust is established to enable the students to seek help both within and outside the college and minimize the number of situation, and ensure students are supported and safe.
  • Both students and staff need to know the boundaries of confidentiality in order to feel safe and comfortable in discussing personal issues and concerns.
  • The safety, well-being and protection of our students are the paramount consideration in all decisions staff at this college make about confidentiality.


The principles to follow in all cases:

  • Ensure the time and place are appropriate when we reassure the student that we understand they need to discuss something very important and that it in warrants time ( by sending SMS or calling them on his/her mobile phone ) space and privacy.
  • Serious concerns must be reported by psychosocial counselor by calling an urgent committee discuss any intervention necessary to protect the student.
  • We won’t put students in the position of having to repeat distressing matters to several people.
  • Encourage the student, whenever possible to confide in his/her own counselor.
  • We As a Counseling Service, we are required to keep a record of each of students’ interactions with anyone in our service, but the specific and sensitive information should be written in the student file by coding, such records will be stored in a secure manner.

Release Information

The Confidentiality will be broken only under certain conditions (privacy reveal form attached):

  • When the student is a threat to others or self.In these cases, we should inform the student from the beginning and before any confidential information is shared, with the reasons for the necessity to reveal confidential.
  • If the case needs referring to a psychiatrist.
  • The counseling records is required by a court of law.
  • If we believe that it would be helpful to share information about the student with someone outside of Counseling Unit, such as the parents. In these situations, the counselor discusses the benefits and risks of releasing this information and asks to decide which information should and shouldn’t be released.
  • If the information can help the students in the academic failure justification.