• The Profession of Pharmacy is an important sector in any healthcare setting which focuses on patient care and quality of life of the patient.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked on a historic mission that has been described as “ambitious, yet achievable blueprint” to overhaul the Kingdom’s economy by the year 2030 in a model of inclusive growth. The Pharmacy field is expected to grow as fast as the statistical average for all types/healthcare occupations, mainly due to the increased pharmaceutical needs of a larger and older population. 
  • Pharmacists are effective members of the health care team. It is essential, therefore, to prepare for adequate Saudi pharmacy human resources with essential qualifications for the rapidly developing health care services. 
  • The Pharmacy Department at Mohammad Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences (MACHS) prepares students for the positions in different latitudes of the Pharmacy profession. The Pharmacy education at MACHS lays the foundation for its graduates to work efficiently in the field of drug development and manufacture, quality control and quality assurance of pharmaceutical products and their marketing, community and hospital pharmacy and research and academics. The graduates are also encouraged and supported in terms of career counseling and advice to pursue their studies in various disciplines of the Pharmaceutical Sciences such as basic Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy/Natural Products, Analytical Chemistry, Design of Dosage Forms, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics.
  • After successful completion of one foundation year, the students are enrolled in the, Bachelor of Pharmacy at MACHS for 4 years and one semester of field training (500 Hrs.). The field training includes full-time training program for graduates at different sections of Pharmacy ( in-patient, out-patient, ER, dermatology, community ) at Al-Mana General Hospitals in Khobar, Dammam, Raka and Jubail and in different pharmaceutical industries. The Bachelor of Pharmacy Program at MACHS aims to: 
  1. Prepare the professional pharmacists who will be reliable and efficient in different areas of pharmaceutical settings
  2. Promote the Pharmaceutical care for the community at large,

  3. Provide foundation for basic and pharmaceutical research.

  • After completing their Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from MACHS, the graduates find Job Opportunities at hospital pharmacy community pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry (Research and Development, Quality control/Quality assurance, Marketing), research and pharmacy education