Description Program

  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing at MACHS provides students with the opportunity to learn skills to care for patients of all ages in a variety of healthcare settings. In addition to learning technical skills used in providing care, major emphasis is placed on developing the attributes of critical thinking and professionalism. The Nursing curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education and the course of study is four years + 1 year internship.This rigorous program offers theoretical and applied instruction in classrooms, simulated laboratories and clinical settings.





Preparatory Year

  • The students entering the course will undergo a one-year shared program for all health sciences. It focuses on providing the foundation for professional health-care related education. This includes courses in humanities, social/behavioral sciences, ethics, biological and health sciences. Fundamentals of nursing courses are introduced by the end of the second year of this program.

Nursing Program

  • The Bachelor of Science in nursing provides students learning experiences in a variety of clinical settings, including community health agencies, clinics, hospitals and homes. Nursing courses include Nursing practice and health assessment, Nursing care of adults, psychiatric of Nursing, obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing, critical care Nursing, Nursing care of children, community health Nursing ,Leadership and Nursing management . Students have the opportunity to analyze a variety of issues in professional nursing practice and health care. Students are also introduced to a basic understanding of how evidence is developed, including the research process and clinical judgment in nursing.Students will understand and respect variations in care and increased complexity across continuum of care.