General Circulation Policy 

The Library staffs provide general reference and circulation assistance to library users. Assistance is available in person, over the telephone and via email. Students and faculty can make appointments for in-depth research assistance as available on a drop- in basis or by appointment. Statistics for information and reference questions are collected at the end each month.

General Borrowing Policy

The general borrowing policies:           

1.    All library borrowers must show a valid MACHS ID card.

2.     Using someone else’s MACHS card to check out is not permitted.

3.    Reference books, reserve materials and non-circulating items cannot be checked out.

4.    Provide complete patron’s contact information before the items be checked out.

5.    Provide the name of the patron who has a particular item checked out.

6.    All questions or problems should be directed to the library staff.

Check out book

The check out a book for semester policy:           

1.    An e-mail should be sent to the library staff regarding the book/s to be borrowed.

2.     The borrower must get the book personally from the library.

3.    Books must be returned before or during the first week for the next semester.

4.    Damage or overdue charges on the book/s will be paid to the Accounting Department.

5.    Making a copy of the book is not allowed (copy right).

6.    The borrower is responsible to return the book in the same condition.

Loan Period Policy

The loan period policy:           

1.    Patrons who have a valid borrowing ID card that is in good standing.

     a.     Students – maximum of  two (2) books for 1 week only.

     b.    Faculty & Staff – maximum four (4) books for two (2) weeks only.

2.    Books should be returned on or before the due date. Books not returned on time will result in a fine.

3.    An overdue book will automatically block a patron from borrowing. The Library will send patrons with overdue books two overdue notices. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not exempt a borrower from a fine.




The renewals policy:           

1.    Renewals can be made at the Circulation Desk, online, or over the phone.

2.     Renewal privileges will be suspended for items which are overdue. Unpaid fines and charges must be paid before any renewals are granted.

3.    Items which are not authorized for renewal or that have reached their renewal limits must be returned to circulation desk to be re-checked out.

4.    CDs cannot be renewed.



The Library welcomes gifts of materials from individuals or groupsA library accepts donations of print and non-print media provided that the materials meet the following criteria:           

1.    Gifts shall meet the same selection criteria as purchased materials.

2.     Gifts shall not be duplicates, out of date or damaged.

3.     Gifts shall not require special facilities, control or handling.

4.     Gifts not placed in Library collections may be sold in Library book sales, discarded, or donated to other agencies. Once materials are accepted in the Library collection, Library professional staff retains the right to classify, house, circulate, and dispose of materials.


The returns policy:           

1.    Return checked out library materials to circulation desk in MACHS library.

2.     Return the reference books in the same condition.

Damaged Items

The library charge fees for damages incurred to library materials while borrowed. When a damaged item is returned, it is assessed and billed for either a repair fee or a full replacement, depending on the extent of the damage:           

1.    The user has to replace an original copy of the lost item within 2 weeks.

2.     If the user is unable to replace the lost item, then he/she will be charged triple the original price of the book(s).

Replacement Copies

In some cases, replacement copies are accepted for long overdue, lost, and damaged items.Purchasing a replacement copy comes with some risk. An item may be declined as a replacement for a variety of reasons, even in cases where the guidelines outlined below have been met:           

a.    A replacement copy will be considered when it meets the following criteria:

     1.     Must be the exact copy indicated by the Billing Supervisor (ISBN number, edition, and publication information will be provided).

     2.    Copy must be new or in like-new condition.

     3.    Copy must be free of markings, notations, stains, tears, loose bindings and other signs of use or damage.

b.    The following will not be accepted as replacement copies:

     1.    Items in less than like-new condition.

     2.    Replacements for CD tapes.

     3.    Replacements for Interlibrary Loan Materials.

     4.    Discarded or withdrawn materials from other libraries.

     5.    Prepublication copies and proofs.

     6.    Copies and editions that do not match information provided by the library staff.

Lost & Missing Books

While the library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, we do accept and store found items in as secure a location as possible:           

1.    Lost: Items are automatically changed to that status when an item is reported lost by the borrower. The assumption is that it will be paid for or replaced with another copy by the patron. At the point of payment the information is given to technical service staff for record deletion or re-purchases process.

2.     Missing: Items not found on shelves are assigned to (Missing) in items not found on the shelves will be logged into the Missing Book until it will be found it or replace it with new items.