The Library Committee

The library committee shall serve as an advisory group. The committee shall look and evaluate the library needs in support with the academic programs of the college and shall advise the librarian on matters regarding general library policy and development of library resources.


The members of committee:

1.    Dean.

2.    Academic Representative.

     a.    Pharmacy Representative.

     b.    Nursing Representative.

     c.    MLT Representative.

     d.    Preparatory Representative.

3.    Admin Representative.

     a.    IT Representative.

     a.    Purashing Representative.

4.    Library Staff.

     a.    Librarian.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of committee:

1.    Formulate and evaluate library’s mission, vision, goals and objectives of the library.

2.    Review policies and procedure for instruction, resources, services, and the facilities in the library.

3.    Ensure the library is connected with and supports the academic programs of the institution.

4.    Participate in the selection and acquisition process of library materials and resources.

5.    Cooperate with the educational team to provide textbooks and references every start of semester.

6.    Discuss budgetary issues for books, journals, databases, media, etc.

7.    Assist in the planning, implementing and programming of activities in the library.

8.    Review benchmarking reports with peer institutions for resources, staffing, and services.

9.    Formulate action plan for the development of library facilities, products and services.

10.    Monitor and evaluate, from time to time, trends and developments in information technologies, networking, library automation and library cooperation.

11.    Review the library annual report.

12.    Hold a monthly meeting to follow up the developments in the library.