Materials Selection & Acquisition Procedure

The acquisition of additional book/s and other library resources must consider the educational goals of the college, curriculum needs, faculty and student needs and the existing material collections. The librarian ensures that the resources are kept up to date within budget restraints.

New Materials

Materials for library use like cabinets, photocopier, printer, ink, toner and A4 paper to be purchased should follow the given procedure:           

1.    List the materials needed in the library.

2.    Write a letter of request through the Vice Dean’s Office (if needed).

3.    Fill in the purchasing form.

4.    Ask approval from the department head.

5.    Follow up the requested item/s.

6.    Check the items received and sign the receiving form.

New Reference Books & Journal

Each department recommending books, journals and other library materials to be purchased should follow the given procedure:           

1.    Fill out request form from the library through the Head of the Department for new reference book needed. There should be justification in recommending new book/s, e.g. new course curriculum added to the department.

2.    Submit the letter to the library with approval of the Department Head. The library will assess and ask approval from the Dean/ Vice Dean.

3.    If approved, the request form will be submitted to the purchasing department.

Book & Journal Form

Reference for book and journal request from.