Book Processing Procedure  

Once the book is acquired, it must undergo the following processes:           

1.    Accessioning/ Encoding.

2.    Cataloging / Classifying.

3.    Mechanical processing of the physical book (stamping and placing the accession number) Library stamp should be put on the back of title page, on secret page and on the last page.

4.    Put the bar codes for security.

5.    Place the book for circulation.

6.    Inform the faculty and IT Dept. through online about the new added book/s.

Book Accessioning Procedure

Accessioning is the process of entering a book in the record book and signing a number to that book based on the date it was received in the library.The following information about the book is entered in the record book:           

1.    Accession Number.

2.    Date received.

3.    Class Number.

4.    Author of the book ( Surname first).

5.    Title of the Book.

6.    Edition.

7.    Volume Number.

8.    Pages.

9.    Price of the Book.

10.    Publisher’s Name.

11.    Year of Publication.

12.    Remarks.