Library Inventory Procedure

The procedure of library inventory:           

1.    Prepare an inventory schedule and should indicate the starting date and the end date of the inventory.

2.    Notify the library users early so that materials borrowed can be returned before the inventory.

3.    Distribute a recall slip to all faculty and staff to return all their accountabilities before the inventory period starts.

4.    Do the shelf reading of the library collections.

5.    Prepare the accession records and the shelf list records.

6.    Prepare the inventory result of the inventory taken last year.

7.    Start the inventory proper.

8.    Prepare the inventory result and submit a report to the Head comparing the results of the current year and the previous year. Report should include recommendations.

Library Materials De-selection Procedure

The procedure for library materials de-selection procedure:           

1.    Schedule a time for weeding.

2.    Prepare post it’s and boxes for the deselected materials.

3.    Check the books in each shelf and choose those needed for weeding / de-selection.

4.    Put post it for each book stating the reason for de-selection and place in the box.

5.    Consult the academic department most likely to be concerned with the subject content of the book.

6.    In the case of journals and periodicals, librarian should follow the same procedures concerning contacting faculty.

7.    When books have been cleared for final processing in the de-selection process, they are then prepared for de-accessioning. Books not in the computerized database are prepared as follows:

     a.    the call number on the label is marked with a felt tip pen.

     b.    “W/D” or “withdrawn” is written on the inside front cover of the book.

8.    Materials will then be disposed of in one of the following ways:

     a.    they will be sent to an academic department if so requested.

     b.    the items will be disposed by the housekeeping or maintenance staff.

De-selection Form

Reference form for De-Selection procedure