• Aspire to provide the best Services & Activities for the students and motivate them by raising the level of their abilities, Skills & Their Creativities to be pioneers in homeland progress.


  • Endeavor to realize the highest level of Excellence to update& provide better students services& extracurricular activities & the Establishment of Quality Standards in the context of stimulating the development of Skills & abilities & the indignation of the responsibility, to lead them toward success.


Implement the Values & Profession Ethics by:

  • Humility.
  • Teamwork.
  • Discipline.
  • Optimism.
  • Ambition.
  • Tolerance.


The main objectives of students affairs:

  • Present Student Services (ID card, Uniforms).
  • Help the new students through orientation Days , encouraging & Supporting them to adapt psychologically& Socially.
  • Present a series of Extracurricular Activities, to enhance Cultural, Artistic & National Life include Workshops, Competitions, Visits, Parties, National & International participations.
  • Organization of Activities enhances the Islamic & National Spirit & organization of Sports Activities like The lectures, the awareness, the workshops, National& International participations.
  • Maintain the Psychological & Social Stability & Improve the Academic Level by following the students in Counseling & Advising Center.
  • Educate Students on their rights & Duties toward the College.
  • Establishment of Council Students take a main task on behalf the students & Transfer their problems & Suggestions to the Dean Office& Enhance the dialogue between the Students & S.A department.
  • Developing the spirit of Creativity & Innovation & interesting of Scientific Researches, participating to the related exhibitions& Conference.
  • Organization& implementation of Clubs: Culturel& Social Club- Creativity Club- Sport Club.
  • Improve Mr & Mrs MACHS Competition based on standards of Arbitral Committee Chosen In the College.