Department Responsibilities


  • The Information technology Department in MACHS College spends a lot of effort to be in line with such changes and dynamics, putting in mind needs (i.e. academics, administrative, students, staff, etc.) for correct and timely information as soon as possible.
  • Accordingly, the department has taken responsibility for electronic college’s services. For example, prepare computers labs, provide modern classrooms environment, college web sites, student information system (SIS), webmail, smart projectors etc., and through bring new applications and equipment for these services.


  • To provide cost effective, state-of-the-art information technology services that meet the professional needs of the faculty, students, staff of the MACHs College.


  • To provide IT technology related capabilities that will enable all members of the MACHs College to play their part in making the College a premier professional College in Saudi Arabia.

Responsibilities and Representative:

  • Monitoring and maintenance computers system and networks.
  • Installing and configuration computer hardware operating system and application through setup computer devices programs e.g. printers, scanners.
  • Responsible for organization information security through providing staff password and setup anti-virus applications in computers.
  • Manage College’s website through adding, deleting and updating website contents.
  • Providing staff and Student’s webmail account with password and ensure that is running all time.
  • Manage SIS log files for students and academic staff and ensure that is running all time.
  • Lock and unlock webmail and SIS user accounts.
  • Support and assist organization staff if they are facing problems of using computers.
  • Analysis statistical and data with design reports.
  • Maintenance webmail, website and SIS database through making database backup.
  • Making training courses and workshops to train staff how to use some equipment e.g. projectors.
  • Issue and print ID card for staff and students.
  • Provide and maintenance local network and internet service inside organization.
  • Ensure all computer in labs work and electronic equipment running all time.
  • Assist other departments in college for making virtual conference with other organization e.g. online interview for hire staff in college.
  • Analysis electronic services problems and assist to solve them.
  • Provide new equipment and computer to make good high quality of learning environment e.g. provide projector and smart board in each classrooms.

IT Forms


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