• Consider the implications and effectiveness of research results.
  • Provide the tools and resources to carry out researches as approved by the college council.

Cooperation & Teamwork

The unit shall: 

  • Promote collaborative and interdisciplinary researches.lly.
  • Encourage creativity and the free flow of ideas.
  • Adhere to mutual respect, encouragement and support.
  • Share information within the college about new ideas and research findings.
  • Recognize major achievements of researchers through announcements, social media, etc.


The unit shall: 

  • Measure its performance against the criteria outlined in the college by-laws.
  • Evaluate its work through peer review process.
  • Use performance indicators for benchmarking.
  • Expect high levels of competence.

High Ethical Standard & Scholarly Integrity

The unit shall:

  • Necessitate observance of national and international policies governing the conduct of research.
  • Educate and inform the researchers, both faculty and students about research ethical issues.
  • Be committed to academic integrity, accuracy and consistency in research conduct.
  • Engage in discussions about research ethical issues.


The objectives of research unit:

  • Establish and collaborate research activities in the health sciences.
  • Encourage students to carry out scientific researches within the institution and in collaboration with other institutions nationally and internationally.
  • Establish and develop research relationships, with similar research unit locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Ensure excellence in scientific researches carried out by staff and students by closely monitoring the standard of ongoing researches.
  • Facilitate research collaboration among the students and faculties of the institution’s respective department.
  • Sustain a research center that follows the institutional strategic research plan.
  • Adopt the incorporation of research experience in undergraduate programs, leading to research-based learning in the academic disciplines across the institution.