Multinational Qualified Employees

The first strategic objective:

  • Establishing partnership with multi recruitment agencies in the region to attract highly qualified professionals interested in working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Setting up competent recruitment criteria.
  • Encouraging diversity to select the best and the brightest to serve our institution.

Offering High Quality Education

The second strategic objective:

  • Offering employees continuous developments programs to improve learning process.
  • Recruiting highly qualified faculty in various specialties.
  • Introducing blended education methodology.
  • Continuous curriculum development to meet market needs.
  • Obtaining national and international program accreditation.
  • Establishing practical and training facilities to enhance professional skills.
  • Adopting enrollment strategy to recruit eligible students through financial aid partnerships.

Improving Professional Skills

The third strategic objective:

  • Motivating students to develop leadership skills by participating in society activities.
  • Qualifying students to pass Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) exams.
  • Developing employee’s innovation and leadership qualities.
  • Engaging employees to participate in national and international workshops, conference, symposium…etc.
  • Establishing effective system of faculty assessment.

Developing Supportive Infrastructure

The fourth strategic objective:

  • Setting up multi specialized laboratories with full equipment and facilities.
  • Enhancing classrooms atmosphere with high-tech teaching facilities.
  • Improving IT system and college supportive services.
  • Developing creational center to nurture student talents and creativity.
  • Maintaining effective technology infrastructure necessary to support practicum and profession teaching and learning.
  • Enhancing cafeteria services to achieve employees and students satisfaction.
  • Offering health care services for college employees and students.

Establishing Research

The fifth strategic objective:

  • Establishing fully equipped research laboratory.
  • Setting up and implementing research policies and procedures.
  • Establishing student scientific committee to motivate student participation in research.
  • Increasing number of published researches by motivating employee through rewarding system.
  • Establishing research area of interest considering community and market needs to raise fund for research conducting.

Setting Up National & International Partnership

The sixth strategic objective:

  • Identifying areas of interest in line with college mission.
  • Establishing policies and procedures to achieve successful partnership.
  • Communicating with potential national and international organizations to develop training, continuous education progress for students and employees.
  • Initiating collaboration between research unit and partners to conduct research and scientific community services.