• MACHS, one of the higher education institutes that is specialized in healthcare education and applied vocational training, located in the Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • MACHS excelled to promote the educational process for various health disciplinarians by following-up with the most advanced and updated programs to establish a distinctive quality standard for health education and its outcomes.

  • Academic collaboration and partnership with both the American University of Beirut and the University of Oregon in the US, which ensures the international standards of MACHS education.

  • MACHS was established in 2003; Bachelor of Pharmacy program, was approved by Ministry of Education in 2007, Bachelor of Nursing and Clinical Laboratory Sciences programs were approved in 2009.


Programs and Specialization

  • MACHS provides to all high school students from Saudi and non-Saudi who graduated from Scientific Section or its equivalent for admission to one of the health disciplines licensed and authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education undergraduate it.
  • The current programs offered by MACHS: 
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. 
  • Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care.
  • Bridging in Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Bridging in Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy.


Future Programs 

  • Bachelor of Science in Radiology Sciences and Medical Imaging.
  • Bachelor of Science in Anesthesia.