• Implementing total quality management strategy that leads to local and international accreditation and stakeholders’ satisfaction.


  • Promoting continuous quality improvement of student learning and support services so as to achieve MACHS mission and strategic objectives.


  • Commitment.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Higher Performance.
  • Teamwork.
  • Reliability.


  • Achieve the strategic goals of MACHS on issues relating to quality and academic accreditation and monitor the implementation of other goals.
    • To conduct annual evaluation of the college strategic plan.
    • To qualify MACHS to get the institutional and program accreditation, and coordinate with the regional and international accrediting bodies and agencies.
    • To coordinate internal and external assessment of programmers and institution as a whole.
  • Promote a culture of quality among members of the college.
    • To organize awareness-raising presentations to help explain the principles of quality assurance to MACHS faculty ,staff and students.
    • To Provide information and training courses on quality improvement procedures for staff.
    • To act as the core reference for all matters related to Quality Assurance within MACHS, by providing, documents, references and guidance.
  • Monitor performance evaluation and quality assurance of administrative and academic units.
    • To monitoring and evaluate (academic courses/programs, faculty members performance, student experience, employer satisfaction, facilities ,etc).
    • To deliver better integrated planning, reporting, stakeholder feedback, statistical and quality management services across the college.
    • To assist internal academic and administrative units in the development of quality improvement strategies within their own areas in line with the NCAAA standards.