The Initial Placement Test Procedures 

  • The test date and time will be announced through the registration department.
  • The registration department shall inform the students about the required documents to bring to the test.
  • All the students will be given 10 minutes orientation on the structure of the test before the beginning of the test.
  • Students must sign in and out on the attendance sheet
  • Exam unit coordinator will distribute the exam papers to the proctors in the exam hall.
  • Students must complete the exam within the given time. No extra time will be allowed.
  • Exam unit coordinator counts the answer sheets at the end of the test to correspond with the number of students who took the test.
  • Exam unit coordinator collects and submits the answer sheets to the IT department.
  • IT Department sends the results of the test to the head of FYD and the to the Registration office by email.
  • Results will be published using students’ national ID on FYD bulletin board.
  • FYD head of department sends the results to the FYD academic advising committee to divide the students into sections according to their levels.
  • FYD head of department sends the results to the Exam unit for archiving.