About Infirmary

  • It is a place especially in a school or college for the care and treatment of the sick.
  • In our case the Infirmary is there to provide the first aid for the emergency cases only and be run by the Infirmary nurse under the administration of the Physician.


  • MACHS Infirmary aspires to provide the highest quality health care in a supportive an educational environment to a public health resource for the campus community and acquires an outstanding place.


  • To provide, promote and support services that integrate individual health, health education for the prevention of diseases and clinical treatment illness consistent with the educational mission of the college.


The goals of MACHS Infirmary:

  • Provide and develop the highest quality care to every staff and student at MACHS by making sure the unit is well equipped to deal with First Aid emergencies.
  • Improve the accuracy of patient identification by making sure each staff/student has a valid ID issued by MACHS administration.
  • Improve safety of medications by ensuring all medicines are clearly labelled including the expiry dates.
  • Prevent Health Care associated infections by following the infection control guidelines as issued by the MOH.
  • Provide Health Education and Awareness to all MACHS staff and students.
  • Formation of First Aid and Emergency Care Team to deal with emergencies and any disaster that might arise within the college.
  • Perform Preliminary health screening to all staff and students and issuance of Health Cards.
  • Training of all staff and Students the ABCs of First Aid.


The objectives of MACHS Infirmary:

  • The Infirmary has the basic equipment to meet the needs of both the students and staff as outlined in the Infirmary manual.
  • Each staff /student will be compelled to provide his ID on visiting the facility prior to receiving treatment also for the purpose of safe record keeping.
  • Patient safety is our priority. This can be achieved by checking the labels on the medicine bottles. Any medicine not labelled or expired should be thrown away immediately.
  • Infectious diseases can be prevented and controlled by having a standardized protocol on how to deal with it. MOH provides such guidelines periodically and our infirmary team keeps abreast with the updates and notify the MACHS community by news bulletin and seminars.
  • Provision of Health Education and Awareness is done periodically in the college for every new students and staff and refresher courses to the continuing students.
  • A survey is conducted for every student and staff to establish the health status of each one and issue a health card with these data in order to provide the immediate care in case of emergency.
  • The Infirmary has worked out a plan to train every individual at MACHS on the ABC’s of First Aid. The program will be done in consultation with GTC (Group Training Center) which will be an ongoing thing due to new students registering every semester.
  • The Infirmary unit will upgraded when the new administration block is completed thereby becoming a full-fledged clinic with full time doctor and nurses.