Physician Duties

The duties of physician:

  • Administer the day to day operations of the Infirmary Clinic.
  • Review each case admitted in the infirmary after the nurse check the vital signs.
  • Treat each case accordingly.
  • Refer cases to either Al Mana Hospital or any government hospital if the treatment is not available at the infirmary.
  • Periodically review and replenish the stock of medicines with the assistance of the infirmary nurse.
  • Make requisition orders of medical equipment as it deemed necessary.
  • Enforce infection control regulations in the college.
  • Conduct health awareness campaign in the college.
  • Head and coordinate MACHS emergence team when emergency arises.
  • Train students and staff on BLS in collaboration with the GTC team.
  • Be part of the committee responsible for approving student’s medical excuses.

Nurse Duties

The duties of nurse:

  • Manage day- to- day operations of the Health Care Clinic.
  • Maintain health records, documenting each patient contact, health status and updating patient profile. (Form to be filled out - Health Assessment form No. 1.
  • Check equipment and supplies, restocking as necessary. Check emergency cupboard.
  • Ensure confidentiality during visits and telephone contact, as well as student health record.
  • Provide primary care for eligible student, faculty and staff health concerns during scheduled health service hours.
  • Distribute non- prescription medications after appropriate assessment.
  • Encourage health maintenance and promotion through counseling and awareness activity.
  • Take initial and interim history and vital signs on each patient.
  • Consult and assist health clinic doctor in the day- to- day work.
  • Assure that patients understand instructions.
  • Receiving and processing students’ medical excuses.
  • Coordinate with the medical emergency team in case of emergency.