Rational Policy

In order to standardize the process of accepting student’s excuses from various medical centers in the country, a set of rules have been stated in order to guide the students through the process of submission and the regulations which govern all medical reports.

Policy Statement: Medical Excuses should be valid, and submitted on time


The regulations for accepting medical excuses:

  • Sick leaves: official medical report from governmental hospital or Almana General Hospital with clear diagnosis and duration of sick leave with the hospital stamp.
  • Maternity: fifteen days from that child’s birth date as shown in the birth certificate (a copy of birth notification certificate should be submitted).
  • The original sick leave (not a copy) shall be submitted to the MACHS Infirmary.
  • Sick leaves shall be submitted within five working days from the day the student becomes absent.
  • If the medical notice is submitted, the college administration may ask for a medical report which must be submitted within 2 weeks (14 days) of the time of issuance. Any report submitted after 14 days is grounds for dismal of sick leaves).

Sick leaves reports in the final exam:

  • Only sick leaves with a medical report from Almana General Hospital Khobar will be accepted by the medical excuses committee during the final examination period.
  • Medical Report should be submitted within maximum 48 hours.
  • Medical reports are accepted outside Almana Hospital for the delivery, abortion and road traffic accident.


The procedures for submitting excuses on regular days:

  • Students must submit the medical report (not a notice) to the infirmary staff, if notice is submitted a letter will be sent to the hospital for a medical report.
  • The sick leave will be approved by the Dean.
  • The Infirmary staff shall send the approved copy to the course coordinators and (HOD) of the academic department.
  • A copy of all medical excuses/ reports shall be kept in a designated file.

The procedures for submitting excuses during quizzes or final exams:

  • The student must inform the lecturer of the sick leave first.
  • The student must submit the medical report to the infirmary coordinator.
  • The Infirmary coordinator will refer the report to the head of the Academic department for approval or rejection.
  • The HOD will submit the report after approval or rejection to the infirmary.
  • The Infirmary unit coordinator gets approval from the Dean.
  • The infirmary sends decision on the sick report to the HOD through the official email.
  • The HOD will send it to the concerned faculty.

Issuance Of Medical Report

The accepted medial report issues:

  • Governmental hospitals and Almana General Hospitals.
  • Private hospital in cases of (maternity, miscarriage, hospitalization, surgery or having medical insurance for that hospital).
  • Car accidents, Road Traffic accidents (RTA).
  • Patient sitters who are accompanying a hospitalized child or parents should submit a medical report of the person who was hospitalized and a companion letter from the hospital.
  • Report issued from MACHS infirmary clinic.

The unaccepted media report issues:

  • Medical report from private hospitals, except (maternity, miscarriage, hospitalization, important surgeries or having medical insurance for that hospital).
  • Medical report from a governmental dispensary and all other private health center.
  • Medical report which is submitted after five working days of absence.
  • Unofficial / incomplete Medical reports or sick-leaves.
  • Accompany sibling.

NOTE: The only valid approved excuse form is the one which is signed by the Dean of Academic Affairs and sent through an official MACHS mail.