Students interested to avail the College’s accommodations are provided with a student housing application form when they apply to enroll in the College. This form includes, in addition to items to be completed, information about the residence rules and regulations as well as the housing fees. Students must submit together with the application form the following:

  • A copy of the official family record where their name is included their national ID.

  • A copy of the passport and residency, if from another nationality.

  • Two passport size photographs

  • Students from another nationality shall submit a letter of reference from previous Universities, to include the number of year needed to complete the program of study they enrolled in.

Once the students fill the application with the required forms, they shall return them with their enrollment application. The accomplished student housing application form is forwarded to the Office of the Administrative Director. The Office of the Administrative Director checks that the application is completed correctly and decides on whether the students should be entitled to MACHS accommodation or not. Once the decision is taken concerning the students’ eligibility, communication begins with the housing supervisor to make the necessary arrangements

Housing Priority

Priority will be given to students living farthest from the College campus.

Accommodation Fees

Housing is provided and fees are determined by the administration.

Housing Regulations

  • All MACHS students residing in housing accommodations must:.

  • be a full time student and does not have any kind of employment outside the College.

  • not have received any disciplinary action or have violated the rules and regulations of the college.

  • not have been previously dismissed from the Housing facility.

  • comply with exiting and entering times of the building.

  • comply with the closing time of all residence entrance doors. The doors strictly closeat 8:30 pm. Leaving or returning to the building after closure hours necessitates prior approval from the residence supervisor.

  • be aware that electric appliances used for cooking or warmth may be hazardous. They may endanger the students’ lives. These appliances are prohibited. The electric appliances provided at the resident are safe and serve the purpose.

  • maintain a quiet atmosphere and not cause any disturbance to other students

  • comply with the visitation rules of the residence and attain an approval beforehand from the housing supervisor allowing the visitor’s visit.

  • keep the residence tidy and clean.

  • submit towards the end of the residence period, the accommodation in good condition and as originally handed to the resident.

  • handle resident’s property and furniture with care.

  • pay resident fee on the designated dates mentioned in the schedule, in order to avoid any warnings and possible expulsing from the residence.

  • Students are encouraged to send their complaints or suggestions to Suggestion@MACHS.edu.sa in order to address their concerns immediately and to better improve the student housing services.