Student Orientation Program

  • Student orientation programs are designed to welcome students and to initiate the integration of newly admitted first-year and transfer undergraduate students into the academic, cultural, and social climate of the college.


  • Help new students understand the nature of the college, the eductional opportunites avaliable to them the values and functions of the campus life, and the central objective of MACHS as an academic enterprise.

  • It also permits students to participate in academic advising, and to learn about matters relating to student registration, housing, campus activities, and other aspects of college life.


  • This program is applicable to all students or prospective students of the college. 

  • The orientation program is conducted through a series of speeches to cover the questions of students about the majors, the credit hours of the courses, keys of policies and procedures, IT services, administrative matters, student services, library and learning services, and a tour of campus facilitie

  • The orientation program also provides an opportunity for students to meet other students and the staff of the Institutions.