Students Services

Students services provide support to students on a range of matters:

  • Following the delivery with of students Identification Card (ID).
  • Monitoring the cafeteria services/health conditions.
  • Supervising the copy center.
  • Request of Uniforms and lab coat.

Students Card

Following the delivery with of students ID:

  • ID identify the student as a part of MACHS Community.
  • All students of MACHS (wearing commitment).
  • Checking with IT Dept. if the ID cards is ready and delivered to all students.
  • Inform the students thats mandatory to receive the ID card and use it the whole time during the duty/ Monitor the wearing of ID Card with security staff.

Cafeteria Services

Monitoring the cafeteria services/health conditions to present the best food services to students and all MACHS staff.

The process of choice cafeteria:

  • Caterings Searching.
  • Checking the kinds, the taste, and prices of the food/meals of some caterings the cafeteria services/health conditions.
  • Contract with a Catering (Actually the contract with Bahriyat Restaurant).
  • Daily visit to the cafeteria to evaluate the service at all, with the infirmary coordinator.
  • Report the supervisor of the catering, if the students have requests or complains.
  • Distribute evaluation surveys to the students.
  • Setting the recommendations of the students and send it to the supervisor of the catering.

Copy Center

Supervising the copy center to work flow control of the center based on the tasks requested.

The process of the copy center:



The services of request of uniforms and lab coats: