• The Student Affairs Center offers opportunities to employ students, based on MACHS needs, and this is especially for students who work to pay for a portion of their education expenses.

Conditions & Procedures

  1. It must be a temporary contract for maximum of 12 months.
  2. It must be made in duplicate, a copy for the student and one for the employer.
  3. It must be signed before the employment begins.
  4. The hours of part time job is limited (10 hours maximum per week).
  5. The work for the student within the vacation and the holidays is not allowed.
  6. Students can be terminated for poor performance, violation of student employment regulations, exposure of work secrets, graduation or academic dismissal/probation.

Trial Period The student has a trial period of 5 working days. During this period the student and the Student Affairs supervisor can breach the contract without further formalities. 

A successful student employee demonstrates the following qualities:

  1. Reliably attends and adheres to assigned work schedules.
  2. Does not take/make personal phone calls, except for emergency reasons.
  3. Maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information.
  4. Communicates effectively and respectfully with supervisors, and others, whether they are college community members, visitors to the campus, or affiliated parties through a community service site.
  5. I will protect the privacy and confidentiality of official duties, while in or out of the department. Furthermore, I agree that.
  6. I will only access the information that I need to do my job.
  7. I will not share any banner or computer related login passwords.
  8. I will not show, tell, copy, sell, review, email, change, dispose, or otherwise use any confidential information except as it relates to my assigned job and if it does, I will follow the correct department procedure.
  9. I know that my access to confidential information may be audited at any time.
  10. Completes and submits all work-related paperwork and timesheets to supervisors.
  11. I understand that information pertaining to students, alumni, employees, and departmental correspondence, from any source, in any form, is confidential.
  12. I will take a warning if I break this agreement.
  13. I know that failure to comply with this agreement may results in disciplinary action regarding my employment.
  14. The payment will be monthly from account office at the rate of SR 15 per hour.