Pre Examination

The College Central Examination Committee with department examination committees shall be responsible for all the academic matters related to all written examinations as the following:

  • Finalizing all exam schedules with department committee members. (Exam form 1&2).
  • Sending first draft schedules to advisors to check for clashes and sign feedback form. (Exam Form 3).
  • Posting first draft schedules for students on college bulletin boards and announcing for them to come to the department examination coordinator/advisors and adjust if there are clashes.
  • Getting the Department Head’s approval for finalized schedules and getting signature of the Vice Dean.
  • Allocating exam halls for each department. (Exam form 4).
  • Setting and posting exam guidelines for the students. (Content number 16).
  • Posting the schedules with number of students and rooms and student guidelines at least 1 month before reading period on MACHS website and special examination bulletin boards of the college.
  • Sharing written and MCQ exam paper checklists with course coordinators. (Exam form 5 and Exam form 6).
  • Preparing and sharing centralized invigilation schedules/ policies with the invigilators 15 days before the reading period. (Exam Form 7 and content number 14).

Invigilator student ratio:

Number of Students Number of invigilators

20(in classrooms)

2(1 main invigilator+1 secondary invigilator +1 back up)

40-50 (in auditoriums)

4-5(1 main invigilator+ 3-4secondary invigilators +1 back up)


Invigilators from different nationalities. Experienced faculty as a main invigilator. Minimum 1 faculty member should invigilate with admin invigilators Invigilation duties should be distributed according to their rank PHD/Master/ Bachelor.

Female invigilators can invigilate male students, but male invigilators cannot invigilate female students.

  • Checking DN lists from the department advising coordinators and sharing with invigilators before the reading period.
  • Requesting department advising coordinator to send a complete list of department students’ names, their contact numbers, email addresses and advisor names to examination centre administrative coordinator. (Exam Form 21).
  • Sharing templates of attendance sheets and door lists with the coordinators. (Exam form 8 and 9).
  • If Keeping required exam forms in each exam hall. (Missing ID and cheating) (Exam form 10 and 11).
  • Checking exam halls environment (air condition, lights, cleanliness, desks, chairs, tissues).
  • Sending a message to the registrar to block SIS for teaching faculty just before the exams start.
  • Post students’ names on the doors the previous day of the exam or at 12:00 on the day of the exam based on the date and time of scheduled course exam according to the seating arrangement.
  • Scheduling photocopying 48 hours before the exam. (Exam Form 12).
  • Photocopying, labeling, stamping, signing and sealing exams. (Exam Form 13A & B).

Duties During Exams

There should be two examination committee members from each department free from invigilation duties. One member to be responsible for supervision of the exams once in every 20 minutes and another member to be in charge of exam papers:

Department Examination Committee Coordinator/Supervisor

  • Exchanging duty/ informing back up invigilators in the absence of assigned invigilators.
  • Sending back up invigilator to invigilate if any student writes the exam in infirmary.
  • Supervising the exams throughout the exam hours.
  • Collecting the absent students’ names from the main invigilator, calling them to know the reason for absence within 30 minutes of exam starting time. If the students are absent because of health problems or any other serious issues, kindly ask the advisors to contact them so that they can guide them. Advisors ask them to submit the excuses to the infirmary in case of health problem or to the department head if any other reason as soon as possible. These excuses may be approved or rejected.
  • Dealing with special cases during exams. (eg: cheating/ sickness).
  • Writing daily examination reports. (Exam Form 20).

Department Examination Committee Member/responsible for exam papers

  • Referring to the exam schedules and checking the photocopied exam papers on the previous day in the examination centrer. (Exam Form 14).
  • Distributing exam papers to the main invigilators in exam halls half an hour before the commencement of the examination. (Exam Form 15).
  • Collecting the exam papers from the main invigilator in her office and handing over to the course coordinators at the end of exam period after every session. (Exam Form 15).

Post Examination Duties

The post examination duties for examination committee:

  • Storing the answered exam papers of the students in the Examination Centre. (Exam Form 16).
  • Preparing schedules and conducting make up exams if there is a valid reason approved by the college council. (Exam Form 17).
  • Sending result of summary templates to department heads to discuss in the college council meeting. (Exam Form 18&19).
  • Filing and documenting reports on examination weeks. (Exam Form 20).
  • Completing the semester examination file.