Cheating Cases

Procedures for handling exam cheating cases, Expelling the student from the exam hall is not considered a disciplinary penalty if a student cheats or tries to cheat. But a report should be written immediately by the invigilator if he/she:

  • Evidences a student cheating in an exam or any test assigned by the College.
  • Evidences a student getting involved or attempting to cheat, helping in cheating, misbehaving while being caught, to breach the order of the exam or the state of calm required for exams.
  • Evidences a student tearing his/her answer sheet/cheating material. The torn answer sheet and cheating material should be attached with the cheating reports.
  • Finds cheating material or tool; such as cell phones or others. It should be seized from the student and returned after the decision is taken.
  • Evidences a student hiding unauthorized material during the exam. The invigilator may inspect him/her outside the examination room under the supervision of another academic staff to ensure that procedures are conducted properly.
  • Evidences a student sitting for an exam instead of another one.


Cheating With Concert Evidence

  • The students who cheat in any form or have cheating intentions with evidences like photographs, cell phone, a piece of paper etc.
  • Examination Centre hands the exam paper with evidences and cheating report to Grievances and Disciplinary Committee.
  • Decision of zero grades for that paper will be taken by the Grievances and Disciplinary Committee. In case the student has 60 in other semester activities, deduction of 4 marks will be done thus resulting in F grade.
  • A strong warning letter will be given to the student by the Grievances and Disciplinary Committee. If this behaviour is continued, after two warning letters, student will be expelled/ dismissed from the college.

Cheating Without Concert Evidence

  • If a student is trying to communicate with a neighbouring student/ displays weird hand movements/ signals:
  • 5% will be deducted from the marks that the student scored on that paper out of 40in case of final exam or 20/10 if these are exams/quizzes.
  • If this behaviour is continued, exam paper will be taken and the student will be sent out. For such cases, first two warning letters will be given by the department head and Examination Centre and the student will be referred to the Grievances and Disciplinary Committee if it is repeated again.