Final Examination Review



Final Examination Review

Final Examination review policy.Exam recheck for calculation of marks and the content:

If a student believes that a final examination has been incorrectly calculated or marked in its substance, he/she may request for a recheck.

The procedures are as follows:

  1. Pay SR 200 in the accounts and finance department.
  2. Take the receipt to the Disciplinary and Grievance Committee to get a final exam recheck form and fill it.
  3. Take the filled form to the department head.
  4. Department head with course the instructor and the student will make sure that answers were checked or the marks were calculated correctly in the light of the arguments supported by documentary evidences as course handouts, textbooks, lecture notes, etc..
  5. If the mark is changed as a result of this review, the SR 200 will be refunded to the student.

NOTE: A recheck may result in a raised mark, a lowered mark, or no change.