Mohammed Almana College for medical science, as a part of marketing and admission promotions, conducted booth in Al-Rashid (02/08/2018-04/08/2018) and Qatif city mall (09/08/2018 -11/08/2018).The concept is to present about MACHS to the public and to encourage the public to enroll with us for Fall 2018-2019. It was a successful event, the support provided by the public was enormous! There was more enquires about the college, the time till the admissions open, available courses in the college, infrastructure of the college, location of the college was one of the major positive points for MACHS, which enables the students to stay with the family during the study period, many applicants and the family members had options to meet our students, students shared their experience with the new applicants, parents are highly satisfied with our presentation about our college, that resulted in on-spot registration of the candidates. People are highly excited to know more about the academic achievements of the college. Academic collaboration of MACHS with UO and AUB, was one of the highlight of attractions for the candidates. The quality of the education and the advanced teaching methods impressed many applicants. Outlook of the MACHS-Booth was highly pleasant and represented professional quality of the institution, booth consist of TV for displaying our ads and the event pictures, we had laptop for online registration, advance payment methods and the Expert admission team to guide and register the candidates. The success of the both mall activities encouraged us to plan for next visit. As overall outcome, the trust and the support that have been shown by the public towards the college, provided us energy to move forward with higher responsibilities in the process for creating Health care leaders!