Since its introduction as an evaluation tool for assessing students, OSCE has become a standard method in evaluating both undergraduate and post graduate students. An OSCE is an examining process made up of a series of stations of equal length set in a circuit. It is a practical test of medical, or surgical, obstetric and so on, practice. The OSCE is considered to measure clinical competencies that assess a set of professional abilities that include elements of knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience. Unlike the traditional clinical exam, the OSCE could evaluate areas most critical to performance of health care professionals such as communication skills and ability to handle unpredictable patient behavior. As the Saudi Commission for health sciences has chosen OSCE as a clinical evaluation to assess the competence for the postgraduate medical Saudi Board Examinations, and it is applied in the governmental universities all over the kingdom, we at MACHS noticed the importance of this examination. Therefore, this workshop was the first in a series of workshops that will aid in formulating the proper strategy in applying OSCE at our college, and ensure an objective, reproducible, uniform testing of students for a wide range of clinical skills.