In the presence of Dr. Aisha Al Mana, MACHS celebrated the graduating class of 2018, 57 students in total. The graduation ceremony had an attendance of academics, business people, and dignitaries from the government sector as well as parents. Dr. Jenan Al Matouk, the Vice Dean of MACHS, welcomed all guests and acknowledged Dr. Al Mana’s utmost support in sponsoring the ceremony, also the graduating class of 2018 who are now ready to hurdle into the workforce and begin their professional careers in their respective fields. Dr. Al Mana stated in her address that this institution, thanks to the excellent quality of the staff, has a special place among other private health institutions in the Kingdom under the Ministry of Health’s guidance and supervision. Moreover, Dr. Al Mana emphasized on the importance of education with a firm belief that it plays a crucial role in preparing local manpower as well as positive impact on the overall continuous development of the country. By the end of the address, Dr. Al Mana announced the inception of a new initiative in collaboration with various local estates and charities, which concerns supporting education by deducting 40% of tuition fees for enrollees who are in need of financial support. The initiative is meant to encourage such candidates to pursue health science majors. In another address, Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Al Bazroon, a graduating student, acknowledged the college’s efforts in availing apt facilities that allowed them to accrue knowledge and acquire practical skills. Furthermore Mr. Al Bazroon expressed his delight in light of this special occasion and reflected back on the five long years he and his colleagues have spent. He ended his address thanking everyone and wishing his peers all the best in their future.