Sense of safety and security among women was rekindled during the Violence Against Women celebration held at the Pharma-cy building, March 5. The event which was organized by Student Affairs committee was participated by the students and faculty members from dif-ferent programs in the college. It was highlighted by a lecture conducted by Mrs. Amal Alaqoul, Social Counselor at Alsalama Hospital. The speaker provided insights on the definition and types of violence, how to deal with them, and the personalities of the victim and the violator. Meanwhile, the National Family Safety Program also participated in the event to introduce the program and its services. It was an enlightening two-hour affair with various activities showcasing multiple booths that talked about some women who faced violence, how they dealt with their cases, how powerful women are, the effects of violence against women on children, and a group of students who made sketches on their bodies to represent abused women.