The Nursing department of MACHS conducted a community service focused on Kidney disease education held March 11 at Al Qatif General Hospital. Beneficiaries of the program were outpatients in the hospital including the kids in 4th grade to 9th grade to increase their awareness on various topics related to kidney disease, which the activity aimed to attain. During the event, booths were set-up showcasing educational materials and screening equipment for blood pressure and Ran-dom Blood Sugar (RBS) test. Level 6 and intern students, as super-vised by the assigned instructors, conducted the screening to those visiting their booths and imparted knowledge about the disease to the outpatients while waiting for their doctor’s appointments. Meanwhile, the activity yielded with a positive feedback from the event’s beneficiaries as well as the hospital’s administrators. The same community service activity was organized March 25 held at the same hospital.