Faculty Professional Development Committee (FC) and the Foundation Year Department (FY) hosted a workshop themed “Everything you need to know about learning styles is wrong”, held at Multipurpose room, Pharmacy building, March 25. Faculty members, along with some administrative staff participated in this interactive workshop which anchored on the following objectives: a) examine current perspective of learning styles, b) clarify that a learning style is simply a preference to entering the learning cycle, c) explore the various learning style preferences via group participation; and d) consider how to incorporate another learning preference into teaching practice. Mr. Warren Guscott, co-facilitated by Mr. Ahmed Q. Al Darweesh, started the activity by analyzing the participants’ preferred learn ing style using Kolb’s Inventory Questionnaire prior to the workshop proper. Meanwhile, culminating the event, participants were grouped according to the pre-workshop survey results. With similar learning styles, they examined their strengths and weaknesses of a recent learning experience from the cognitive perspective using a learning style poster. Participants then evaluated all the posters in a “gallery walk” exercise . A second workshop will follow, examining all nine learning style preferences, within Kolb’s Theory of Experiential Learning.