A two-day consecutive of various activities in line with the celebration of Library Day was spearheaded by the Library Affairs held at the hallway of Pharmacy building, March 31 and April 1. The opening day featured booths organized by participating groups including Foundation Year department, Arabic Club and external organizations. Dar Al Tamayo’s booth for instance, is a medical book company which sold book items on 40% discount. Medical Accessories’ Booths, on the other hand offered medical accessories and related items. The MACHS’ Arabic Club earmarked lecture note exchange, poetry reading and evoking emotions through images. Meanwhile, students of Ms. Zahra Salam gave a different flavor to the event through on-the-spot reading and instantly asking the participants their willingness to purchase the read book. Representatives from ADAB Center, however also set-up its “Book Variety Booth” which auctioned its English and Arabic novels. Ms. Salwa, one of the Saudi writers also sold her books bearing her dedication during the event. Wishes photo booth was likewise put up where captured photos at the event were sold in discounted price. Moreover, to make the event more engaging and entertaining, the FYD students under Mr. Raed, together with the Library team organized the Library Games Booth where participants played some games and received gifts as a form of reward. Lastly, the Library Booth, which was initiated by the organizer offered souvenirs with names of the participants written in Arabic. Highlighting the event, the participants wrote the title of their cherished books in a poster-like display mounted on a big bookshelf board. This annual celebration was anchored on the purpose of revisiting awareness on the importance of literary and academic reading as well as providing the participants the current library programs and services. It was a huge success which was graced by MACHS officials, faculty members, staff and the students.