Orientation is an opportunity for faculty members, old or new to be acquainted with essential information regarding the institution. Whether it be organizational vision and mission, plans, college policies, resources and more, it is a strong start for an academic institution to orient its faculty members. The Centre of Excellence headed by Dr. Fatima Alabdulazziz, in cooperation with the Dean’s Office conducted the two-part annual faculty orientation held at the Pharmacy Auditorium, August 29. The morning session featured the top management who gave their respective speeches particularly the structure, current services and plans in the future. The event kicked off with the welcome message of the college dean, Professor Emad AlShwaimi who highlighted the positive aspects of the college from the supportive management to the dedicated and competent staff and faculty at MACHS. He urged the community to stay focused and maintain the strong community like a family as the college gears towards more challenging endeavors such as CEA and NCAAA accreditation. Meanwhile, Dr. Jenan Al Matouq, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs touched on the academic programs and gave overview on the units under academic affairs. In her speech, she also mentioned the current challenges and emphasized the main goals for this academic year. Speaking also to a packed auditorium was Dr. Yousef Al Hashem, Vice Dean for Quality and Development who outlined the structure of the quality division and emphasized the NCAAA as the next major activity of the institution. Concluding the morning session’s orientation was Mrs. Amal Kolaghassi, CEO/HR Manager who described the services and plans of the human resource department demonstrating the commitment of the college for continuous improvement.