New academic and non-academic employees gathered to attend the afternoon session of the orienta¬tion designed to bring them up what they need to know as they begin their new career at MACHS. The orientation was held at the Pharmacy auditorium, August 29. This year’s orientation featured presentation of the key work units catered to teaching and learning. Unit heads introduced the resources and must-know policies related to student affairs, admission, examination and assessment, medical services, library and research programs and activities to the newly hired employees. Among the unit heads who presented at the event were Mrs. Nuhad Azoury, Head of Student Affairs; Dr. Yasser Aljuheny, Head of Admission and Registra¬tion; Dr. Hayyan Al Taweil, Head of Examination Unit; Dr. Ayaz Ahmed, Head of Research Unit; Mr. Sayed Hamdy, Head of Library Affairs; and Dr. Silas Mangi, Head of Health Unit. The event concluded with an open forum, which gave the new employees the opportunity to ask questions and share concerns on their new role.