The Student Affairs headed by Mrs. Nuhad S. Azoury has been working hard to welcome the new students at Moham¬med Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences. The orientation kicked off September 2 at the Pharmacy auditorium. The students were warmly welcomed by Dr. Emad AlShwai¬mi, the college Dean during his remarks at the event. In his speech, he reiterated the commitment of the college to pro¬vide quality-learning experience. A guded tour in the cam¬pus premises was also conducted as part of the orientation agenda. It was an extensive orientation program with informative sesssions including academic resources and facilities sup¬port, academic advising, psychological counseling, griev¬ance procedure, registration, financial aid information and a lot more. Over the course of the orientation, students got a taste of what life would be like as a MACHS student from dining at the cafeteria, sitting in a classroom and joining student or¬ganizations to reach their potential. Day 2 of the orientation was also conducted with different sets of freshmen students held at the same venue, September 4.